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Lawton agencies busy as ACA deadline approaches

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- With another deadline looming..phones are ringing off the hook at local agencies that help residents who want to sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

This insurance is for people who don't have access to employer-sponsored insurance, or can't afford other plans.

The deadline to apply for insurance, or to make any changes to an existing policy under the affordable healthcare act, was extended from the original deadline on December 15th to today because of the large amount of people signing up at the last minute.

Millions of Americans have already signed up for coverage of the Affordable Care Act that goes in effect on January 1st. But, Reta Osbourne says many people waited until December 15th, the original deadline, and now are waiting until tonight, the extended deadline to sign up.

"High call volumes coming in and they had more people enrolling on that particular day and a lot of it is they couldn't get a lot of people in," said Osbourne.

Osbourne says most people have waited so long because of the busy holiday season or they can't get away from work to visit an agency. She'll walk each person through the application process.

"If they have any type of income, then we go with that income because it's based on that," said Osbourne. "And if they're married, or whoever they claim on they can include all of those individuals on that form." handles sign ups from 39 states. Some states run their own exchanges and have also pushed back their enrollment deadlines. 

Osbourne says one of the most popular asked questions is what do they need to sign up whether they do it in person or online....

"Bring in a recent pay stub or they can bring in their income tax forms with them," said Osbourne."For everyone who is included in households who are working, who they claim on their taxes, bring that information in as well as their social security card."

The deadline to sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act is tonight at 2:00 a.m. central time in order for your coverage to begin on January 1st. You can go to healthcare-dot-gov to apply. If you miss the deadline, open enrollment doesn't close until January 31st, but your coverage won't begin until February 1st. 

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