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Duncan Fire Department delivering bikes to kids in need

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - More than 100 kids in Duncan will be receiving brand new bicycles for Christmas this year, thanks to the generosity of a local car dealership and fire department.

Byford Chevrolet and the Duncan Fire Department have teamed up for several years providing bikes for area children for the holidays. The fire department spent the day getting the bikes ready so they can deliver them later this week.

The fire department reached out to a local toy store and several local churches asking them to compile a list of all the kids they knew of that needed a new bike this yea

"Christmas is a great time, it's a great opportunity for us and a great time to get out,” said Assistant Chief with the Duncan Fire Department Rob Loafman.

Loafman said several years ago the department wanted to do more to help kids around Christmas time and they came up with a present every kid loves receiving.

"I think a bike is one of those timeless things. For years, kids have enjoyed bikes, maybe some have gotten away from that, but it's great exercise, it's not electronic, it doesn't require power or batteries, it just requires kid power. That's always a great gift and I think the kids enjoy it and the parents appreciate it,” Loafman said.

The fire department partnered with Byford Chevrolet and Loafman says all the bikes will stay in the Duncan community.

"They're our neighbors, people right next door to you and me,” Loafman said. “So, if there's a need whether it's our services or some other way we can help we like to do that. It's just a great opportunity. We are really fortunate that the city administration and our fire chief allows us to serve the public in this way."

Loafman said it takes a couple of days to get the bikes ready to be delivered, but the most heartwarming moments for the firefighters is when they drop them off.

"You can see the kids eyes light up with that truck pulls up with a bike or whatever else it is but there are certain situations where the family may not be able to provide that bike and when a kid gets an unexpected surprise like that, it's a great response, and it really just shows us what Christmas should be about,” Loafman said.

Loafman said if you are feeling inspired and want to help, it is not too late. Simply bring a new bike to the Duncan Fire Department and they will ensure it makes its way to a deserving child this Christmas.

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