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Copy-Good Samaritan pays for kids' school lunches throughout district

DAVIS COUNTY, UT (KUTV/CNN) - When Antelope Elementary Principal Bernard Villar thinks about what a good Samaritan did for the school’s kids and their families, he gets emotional.

“They’re like my kids,” Villar said of his young students. “I love them.”

One person paid the entire lunch balance for the school, where more than 50 percent of students qualify for free or reduced-fee lunches. And the giver did this not just for Antelope Elementary, but for all of the county school district’s low-income schools.

That’s 366 students from 17 schools who now have a zero balance on their lunch tab. At Antelope, that breaks down to helping 37 families.

The man behind the donations is 35-year-old Damon Burton, a husband and the father of two young boys. He grew up needing free or reduced lunches.

“I benefited from free or reduced programs throughout the entirety of my school, and over the years I wanted to figure out something, some way to give back,” Burton said.

Burton donated $2,000. He wanted to remain anonymous, but a friend of his couldn’t help sharing his story. It's a Christmas story Villar will always remember. 

“It just touches my heart. It’s an emotional thing for me to know that someone else cares just as much as I care,” Villar said. “It’s a great gift that’s one less worry for their families.”

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