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Corrections officers discover massive contraband haul

MCALESTER, OK (KSWO) – Corrections officers uncovered a massive contraband haul at a prison dairy farm.

Authorities found drugs, tobacco and large haul of other items in two sweeps on Dec. 14 and Dec. 19 at the Jackie Brannon Correctional Center dairy farm.

In the Dec. 14 search, officers found five duffel bags containing 35 cell phones, 57 cell phone chargers, four portable battery chargers, three ear pieces, a handheld satellite radio, two syringes, four books of rolling papers, six lighters, a gallon bag of coffee, 170 grams of chewing tobacco and 3.5 pounds of smoking tobacco.

They also found a hole in a wall behind a mirror. Prison officials say the inmates dug the hole to store additional contraband, which would then be smuggled into the prison when their shift at the farm was over. Two more cell phones and several cell phone chargers were found in the hidden hole.

Another duffel bag was found in the Dec. 19 search, with two cell phones, seven chargers, 5.9 pounds of tobacco and 51.48 grams of marijuana inside.

A number of inmates who worked on the dairy farm also worked at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary half a mile from JBCC – which has led to concerns they may have been trying to smuggle contraband into both facilities.

Corrections officials said they plan to investigate and interview the inmates who were working at the farm when the contraband was discovered. They said any inmates found with contraband could receive time added to their sentences.

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