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Crimestoppers of Southwest Oklahoma will help put criminals off the street

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -As we come to the end of the year, The Lawton Police Department and Crimestoppers of Southwest Oklahoma want to remind everyone of the important role everyday citizens play in the fight against crime.

Detectives say with a limited number of police officers on the streets, they rely on the eyes and ears of residents to fill the gap.  Over the past year the Lawton Police Department has investigated hundreds of crimes ranging from murder to burglary and drugs. While police and detectives work around the clock to solve these cases, it's often a tip from the public that puts a criminal behind bars. 

In addition to helping get the bad guys off the street, you can get paid for your information.  Depending upon your tip, and the outcome of the case, the rewards range from 100-to-1,000 dollars. Lawton Police Detective Charles Whittington said most of the time, people don't realize how valuable the information they're providing is for investigators.

 "It may be nothing to somebody they may think  it's just a car drove by or just somebody walking by at the same time but it could be the break in a case", said  Whittington.

Back in November, the Lawton Police Department Special Operations Division made multiple arrests on a drug investigation. Whittington said thanks to a tip from Crimestoppers they were able to get around 73 thousand dollars worth of drugs off the street. 

 "They obtained a pretty good amount of narcotics and a firearm from that investigation, it helped solidify that case. The tip came in and as soon as the information comes in I go through there and verify what information I can and pass it along to detectives", said Whittington.

It doesn't matter how big or small the crime is, from a rape we reported on yesterday that happened in October, to the murder of Patty McRay that happened 25 years ago sending the information you know to Crimestoppers can help solve a case. Most importantly you will remain anonymous. Whittington said you shouldn't be afraid.

"Your information will be protected. When they call they do not have to give their name, they do not have to give their information, they just give their information about the tip what they know who they saw. They are able to give a tip online through Facebook, through our website, through Crimestoppers  355 INFO they can call that number", said Whittington.

Whittington said its important to say something if you see something. You can visit the Crimestoppers of Southwest Oklahoma on Facebook to see a full list of criminals detectives are still looking for.  If the information you provided is connected to a crime you will get a cash reward and most importantly get a rapist, thief or murderer off the streets. 

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