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Shoppers brave the lines for last minute shopping

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - With Christmas now just two days away, we're all rushing to get those last-minute gifts.

No matter how hard we try, it seems like every year we all manage to still have a few items on our shopping list just a few days before Christmas Day.

"Life is really busy and when you have a big family you must squeeze it in wherever you can," said Lori Lee Hunter.

“I've just been working and when I get home from work I've got to go home and cook. There's not enough time in the day,” said Deshawna Thomas.

“We are all procrastinators to some point," said Joan Houghton.

Though there are some of us who can somehow manage to avoid that last second rush at the stores.

"I enjoy the shopping today because I went ahead of time and shopped when it was necessary for what I needed and now I can just enjoy the stores without rushing,” said Stella Maxwell.

"I shop all year long, especially after Christmas when everything is on sale,” said Houghton.

It seems like everyone tries to avoid the late shopping for one reason.

"I hate the crowds,” said Maxwell

But some simply could not avoid the crowds this year.

"Places have been very busy, lots of people in lines, people being patient, waiting, we've seen no one with a bad attitude," said Hunter.

"It's been good, I think the merchants should be happy, a lot of crowds, a lot of people carrying sacks," said Houghton.

“Crazy. Crazy crowds, especially at Wal-Mart, people arguing over the karaoke machine," said Thomas.

Whether they finished shopping weeks ago or are going back out on Christmas Eve to wrap things up, everyone seems to have something they are looking forward to on Sunday.

"Spending time with my family," said Hunter

"The looks on my kids’ faces," said Thomas.

"To make your family and friends happy," said Houghton.

"Christmas is all about giving, it's about Christ. Christ gave his life for us, so we are giving back what we can to others,” said Maxwell.

Christmas Eve is expected to be even busier so if you are planning on being out and about, be prepared to spend a little extra time at the stores. 

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