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Lawton official speaks on fire danger

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Dry winter conditions and high winds are being blamed for a recent upswing in fires.

Local fire crews were kept busy this week battling 11 outside fires – a significant jump from the average 2-to-3 fires per week.

Comanche County Public Information Officer Ashleigh Hensch said the dry conditions, mixed with Oklahoma’s steady winds, were to blame for the high number of blazes.

She said that the summer rains produced a high amount of vegetation – which in turn became a prime source of fuel upon death in winter. 

“And with the wind,” she said, “but we have high fuel and low humidity, the wind's just going to push that and cause it to spread further.”

With conditions providing a high fire risk, Hensch warned residents against holding controlled burns – and advised that residents using tools that could create sparks, like lawnmowers, take extra precautions before going outside.

The area’s fire danger levels can be tracked at

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