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Discover Oklahoma: Farmer's Daughter Market

TECUMSEH, OK (KSWO)- There's a place in Oklahoma where you can get a bite to eat while shopping! Sounds like a dream come true!  

The Farmer's Daughter Market in Tecumseh is a not just a restaurant, it’s an absolute warren of clever, homey destinations, the brain children of real-life farmer’s daughter and Tecumseh city servant, Linda Praytor who planned to start a little lunch counter.  

“I hoped that it would bring people into Tecumseh and improve our sales tax base.”  

That little lunch counter evolved into the Tomato Patch Café, which serves up food gramma’s way. The brisket stew is chock-full of meat and veggies, with a hearty broth you only get from time and great ingredients. The tomato pie is like the deepest dish pizza ever, in a flaky handmade crust with luscious fresh tomatoes and gooey melted cheese.  

“Chopped salad? Yes. Thank you!” 

So many salads I couldn’t keep track of ‘em, all with the kinds of accompaniments that mean you won’t be hungry an hour later. And the deserts, lookout gramma. These folks have been in your recipe book.  

“I do a bread pudding with a vanilla cream sauce only on Friday’s and Saturday. We have a blackberry cobbler fresh and homemade.”  

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