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Ride sharing companies vs. Cab services

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Last week, we told you about a new ride-sharing company that will start operating soon in Lawton, called Tride. 
Tride is similar to Uber and Lyft as it connects drivers with people who need a ride through their app.

But a local cab company is pushing back, and wants to know why the city isn't requiring Tride to go through the same permitting process they did when they started operating four years ago.

The owner of Americab, Candy Hanza said she's not against the ride-sharing services coming to Lawton.  She's just looking for answers, and a level playing field, considering all they had to do to get their business off the ground. 

"Its kind of a kick in the gut. We are really hoping the city of Lawton is going to get behind us and help us to be able to compete.", said Hanza.

Candy Hanza said  the process to start Americab was tough, including the requirement to have 60,000 dollars worth of insurance for their fleet of cars. 

"We had to agree to vehicles that are a certain age, they all have to be the same color, they have to have the same logo its more than just buying a car and picking people up we had to go in front of the city council and present our business case to them", said Hanza.

"But that's just the beginning of the battle you have to find drivers  that can pass the city background check the county background check, the federal background check they have to be finger printed, they have to take a city of Lawton familiarity test. You are an ambassador for the city of Lawton so you should know your town", said Hanza.

Hanza adds she would like city council to change and revamp some of the current city ordinances for cab companies and allow then to set their own rates versus companies like Tride who set their own rates when they pick up people for rides.

"We have to do something called the zones, the city is divided into 7 zones, so if you are going in from zone 1 to zone 3 you have a two zone fair so price is going to be this much. If you are going from one end of the town to the other you cost into one or two different zones depending if you crossed the railroad tracks or Sheridan Road. We are really working with the city of Lawton to try to get them to switch to be a mileage based so that customers understand", said Hanza.

But we found out the city's hands are somewhat tied when it comes to companies like Tride.  State lawmakers passed 
The Oklahoma Transportation Network Company Services Act in 2015, which allows companies like Tride, Uber, and Lyft to operate their businesses statewide, and it puts them under the authority of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.  

The planning director from the City of Lawton said city council members will discuss Tride at their next city council meeting on January 10. 

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