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SkyWARN 7 Weather tips for driving in the snow

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Most of Texoma has seen up to 3 inches of snow today. If you've been out and about on the roads, they've been bad and, I'm going to tell you, they're only going to get worse.

As the first snow starts to fall, the roads are quiet and visible. But as more snow falls, the roads become louder and less visible.

First you hear a crackling noise which indicates that you're starting to pack down the snow on the road. Then as the roads become more crowded, drivers start making their own lanes and others follow suit.

You can hear cars sliding and spinning their tires, which causes the snow to become like a slushee from Sonic. But as the sun goes down, this slushee surface turns into a frozen mess that terrifies drivers, ice.

The glazed over surfaces on the roads are hard to see until you get up real close and are impossible to avoid at that point. With temperatures staying below freezing tomorrow, these icy conditions will be a major hazard.

So if you are on the roads this evening and tomorrow morning, be careful and give yourself enough time to get where you need to go. Leave some extra space between you and the car in front of you. Also, check your rearview mirror to make sure the driver behind you isn't too close.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts because we are expecting a drastic warm up in the forecast for next week.

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