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Fire at apartment complex leaves three families without homes

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Three families went without a home the night of January 6th after a fire broke out at 6 a.m. at the RainTree Apartments in Lawton.

Firefighters could contain the blaze to two units, but residents in four apartments were evacuated while they put out the fire.

The fire started in an enclosed area between two apartments where the building's central heating unit and hot water space is located, but officials haven't determined a specific cause. Structural damage slowed the ability to take a closer look at evidence where the blaze originated. 

Fortunately, no one was hurt there were no injuries.

Red Cross volunteers were immediately dispatched to the scene to provide emergency assistance.

Kim O’Brein, disaster team leader for Red Cross said, "It was pretty cold this morning so of course, that was our biggest concern is those families are taken out of the elements and given appropriate lodging to take care of them. They were woken up by a fire so I assuming it was very traumatic for them."

O’Brien said being there for families in need is Red Cross primary focus.

“We provided lodging, clothing, and food for them and put them in touch with other agencies in the area that could provide long-term assistance for them,” said O’Brien.

Raymond Brown assistant Fire Marshal of Lawton Fire Department said the damage forced residents to seek a place to stay.


"The bottom apartment is totally gutted, not going to be habitable,” said Brown. “The top apartment sustained a moderate amount of smoke damage and the two adjacent apartments on the north side both have mild smoke damage."

While Brown says it's unfortunate these families have lost their home. They have their lives and he hopes this incident serves as an important reminder to everyone.

"Make sure you check your smoke detectors monthly,” said Brown. “In this case, we were absolutely convinced that smoke detector did save lives."

Officials said the area where the fire started is normally unreachable without tools, therefore there was no way any of the renters could have caused the fire.

However, the incident is still under investigation now.


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