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OHP: Post-snow roads still dangerous

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Many Lawton residents witnessed melting snow on Saturday but, don't let that fool you. Roads are still considered to be dangerous. Oklahoma Highway Patrol says most of the roads are passable, however drivers are still advised to be extremely cautious.

Lawton highways are on the way to being clear of snow, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Benjamin Smith. He says road crews helped the snowy roads improve overnight.

"They've been putting sand salt and everything that needs to be on the road way to help clear the roads including grating the roads," said Smith.

However, Smith says the roads throughout the city are most dangerous where moisture and ice pileup.

"The ice melted below the snow so the ice is sitting on top of the roads right now making it the slickest,” said Smith. “But if the sun is out as it is right now then it helps melt away some of that ice on there. Making the roads a little bit safer to drive on."

He says crews will continue to treat ice spots still drive cautiously.

"When the roads start clearing off a little bit, people become a little more confident and forget there still a danger out there,” said Smith. “As far as the road conditions are concerned, it's still slick. There's still moisture. There's still a danger out there because all the roads haven't been cleared just yet."

Smith sends a message to those who have to travel.

"Reduce your speed,” said Smith. “Go below the speed limit. Give yourself plenty of stopping time before you come to an intersection even if there isn't a stop sign or stop light use that as an opportunity to be cautious."

Oklahoma Highway Patrol encourages people to travel only if necessary.

Also, if you see an accident call emergency services immediately and then get out of the way to avoid being a hazard to others.

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