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Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church celebrates Jubilee Day

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church held a celebration event on Sunday in observance of Jubilee Day.

Jubilee Day is a celebration of the emancipation proclamation that officially set slaves free and legally banned slavery. The proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln on September 22nd, 1862 and went into effect January 1st, 1863.

Reverend Hall of Mt. Calvary said it is significant for black Americans to come together to celebrate their freedom from slavery each year and his church will continue for years to come.

"I think of it as a new beginning,” said Hall. “A new beginning meaning that each day that the Lord lets you lay down at night, and wake up in the morning, you are starting over again. So that's the way I look at Jubilee day.”

The church celebrated by dancing, singing the Negro National Anthem and reading an excerpt from the Emancipation Proclamation. Their hope is to get all people to stand by their theme of the year, 'None of us is free until all of us is free.'

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