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Lawton woman kidnapped, sexually assaulted

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - An investigation continues after a Lawton woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted last Thursday. The suspect is still at large as police look for answers.

Police say around 3:30 on Thursday afternoon, a woman in her 60s was returning to her East Lawton home.

"As she approaches her door, a suspect, a male, comes up behind her and forces her into her residence,” said Sergeant Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department.

Police say the man had a knife and told the woman to give him her money and other valuables.

"She tells him she doesn't have those things. So he ties her up and he sexually assaults her after he takes her to another location,” Jenkins said.

The man then fled the scene in the woman's car.

"She was able to get out of the restraints, run to a neighbor’s house and contact the police,” Jenkins said.

Right now, police have no suspects.

"The victim did not know the attacker,” Jenkins said.

But they have recovered a key piece of evidence.

"We did recover a vehicle taken in the incident, we did find the vehicle, so we're still processing the vehicle and the evidence from the assault at this time,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said everyone should always be prepared just in case a situation like this happens to them.

"If something is out of place, don't get out of your car, contact police, we'll come check it out before you have to get out of your car and go in your home. So always be aware, make sure that you have your keys ready when you get out of your car to unlock the door, or your garage code or whatever the case may be to get in your home,” Jenkins said.

And now, the Lawton Police Department is asking for your help in solving the case.

"If they want to help us, they can always contact Crimestoppers, if they have any information they can contact the police department as well if they have information,” Jenkins said. “And just look out for one another, if you see something going on, contact us as well, anything looks suspicious in your neighborhood, contact the police as well."

Jenkins says the woman fortunately only suffered minor physical injuries to her feet and ankles. If you have any information you can call Crimestoppers at (580) 355 – INFO.

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