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Tulsa representative files bill to raise teacher pay

Source OKHouse.gov Source OKHouse.gov

OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok (KSWO) –A bill filed in the Oklahoma House could move Oklahoma teachers to the 27th highest paid teachers in the country.

State Representative Michael Rogers (R – Tulsa) filed the legislation which calls for teachers to receive incremental pay raises over the next three years equaling $6,000 total.

The plan would raise Oklahoma teachers’ pay from 48th in the nation to 27th based on data from the National Education Association according to Rogers. The plan would make Oklahoma’s teachers the 13th highest paid when adjusted for cost of living.

Rogers is the chair of the House Common Education Committee and said in a release “the phased-in approach would allow the Legislature to manage the current revenue downturn while keeping its promise to boost pay for teachers.”

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