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MacArthur High School showcases Civil Rights era

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Students at MacArthur High School were given a special look at Civil Rights history with a display on the 1963 March on Washington.

The "Faces Behind the Scene" exhibit highlighted Civil Rights leaders Phillip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, who played key roles in the organization and planning of the march.

Exhibit organizer and MacArthur teacher Kimberly Jones got the idea for the display after she visited The Center for Civil and Human Rights museum in Georgia.

She said she was thrilled to provide her students a unique way of looking at a major event in U-S history.

“The reaction is oh this is neat!” said Jones. “They will stop and look at the videos and they'll stop and read some of the signs."

The presentation also showed television news reels that showcased movie stars in attendance.

Drama teacher Malinda Rust, said Jones came to her at the end of last semester to help make the exhibit complete.

“We started searching for materials,” said Rust. “We built picket signs, created some backdrops of protesters as a background for her displays, we made some buttons that were replicas of the buttons that were used in the '63 march. So, we have spent the last week or so painting, tracing, writing and putting it all together and hopefully creating the vision she wanted."

Jones said her hope is for the students to get more out of the exhibit than can take from reading a textbook.

“I wanted to show them bigger than life pictures,” said Jones. “Also show them how some of them can make the signs because some of them did make the signs with the art in the art class. So, I think when they get to hear more and read more and be involved in it as making the signs like they did this year I think they’ll get more of an understanding of what the Civil Rights really meant."

One of those students was Andreiya Miranda who made the 'I am a man' signs which were popular during the march.

“Not everybody thinks that they are equally made,” said Miranda. “This stands out to them to say no matter what, no matter how you look, no matter who you are, no matter what color you have we are equal."

MacArthur High's Stage Production and Robotics Teams helped set up the display, which rests in the school's main foyer.

The display will also be on Friday, January 13th.

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