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Delivery drivers brave freezing temperatures

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Some had the luxury of enjoying a day bundled up inside January 13th, but that was not’t the case for some Lawton businesses because, despite the winter weather, it's part of their job to make home deliveries.

Floral shops and pizza places across the area remained open for business, some opening as early as 8 a.m. to get a head start on the weather.

While the roads here remained mostly clear the constant trips into the cold air can still take its toll.

Delivery driver Shawn Westbrook says their shop has only been open for only half a year but believes the cold weather has caused them to be busier.

“Right after lunch time people start to realize they don't want to get up and go get something for themselves,” said Westbrook. “So, they give us a call and we make sure to get everyone their pizza as fast as we can."

He says he goes through steps to make sure his car is in order before each delivery.

“That they have gas, the tires are good, that they don't need any repairs or something wrong with it,” said Westbrook. “I’m usually the one that’s driving so I make sure I check the weather and when the roads are bad and ice on the roads I just drive carefully and take everything a little bit slower."

The weather has also been a struggle for Lawton Floral West.

Owner Teresa Mcclung says she hates for her customers to have to deal with the cold but warns her drivers to be cautious on the roads.

“I would just tell them to watch their speed, be safe, buckle up,” said Mcclung. “There’s no flower delivery that’s important enough to risk their lives."

Westbrook says safety is what he always remembers to keep in mind first.

“We make sure to tell our customers that instead of 15 to 20 minutes it's going to be 30 to 45 minutes,” said Westbrook. “We would rather get you your food and be safe then not make it there at all and someone gets hurt in the process."

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