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Grocery stores prepare for cold weather

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Water, bread and other essentials are running low at some grocery stores as residents make their emergency preparations ahead of the storm.

According to managers at the Save-A-Lot grocery store on Southwest 11th street they were slammed with customers last night leaving shelves and freezer cases nearly empty.
They've been extremely busy throughout the day restocking those shelves and cases. The store manager said they always see a big rush in crowds with bad weather on the way, so their goal is to be ready as residents try to prepare.

They even had to call in their stock truck from Fort Worth Texas, to bring in 40,000 pounds of food, water and canned items. Local shoppers said its better to get items now than to wait until the last minute.

"It's going to be cold with the ice. I want to be in and I want to eat! Lights go off I have gas, so I will be able to cook my food", said Matthews.

Alice Matthews said she and her family always stock up when bad weather comes around. Matthews said the best way to prepare is to plan ahead and be ready.

" I got some milk, bread and the eggs, toilet paper must have that and we are going to shop until we drop I guess. Get it full, get it ready", said Matthews.

I spoke to another customer who said he often shops at Save-A-lot, but with this trip is making sure he's more prepared than he was for last week's winter storm.

"I got some tortillas, hamburger meat, and I got onions, and garlic and commedo seeds." 

 "Yesterday was pretty busy, a little bit more than usual with the chance of an ice storm coming in people were coming in getting what they need so they wouldn't have to get back out today", said Young.

Save-A-Lot store manager, Eddy Young said, shoppers were looking to buy a little bit of everything, including things like 10 pound bags of potatoes, bread chips, milk, and soap. He said his employees have been working hard to make sure shelves and freezers are well stocked.  

Forth Worth truck driver Jose Ibira said he usually comes to the Save-A-Lot to restock about three times a week. This week, knowing the road conditions could be bad, he came early and with the help of around 10 employees, had the truck cleared in less than 30 minutes.

"We stay busy especially around the holidays and bad weather people want to buy stuff to cook and have stuff at home", said Ibira.

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