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Daughter of Muhammad Ali visits Cameron

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Maryum "May May" Ali, the daughter of late boxing legend Muhammad Ali, paid a visit to Cameron University on Monday. 

She was the guest speaker for Cameron's 33rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration banquet.

More than 300 people came out to Cameron University to hear her. 

Tova Foster attended the event and she said she decided to come out to remember a historical time.

"I'm hoping to hear some words of inspiration and encouragement. We're living in a time that sometimes feels like maybe we're reverting back so I'm just hoping that there can be some encouraging words and unifying, inspirational message," Foster said.

Ali spoke about the disconnect between teenagers and the civil rights movement.

"We have to speak to the needs of these kids right now. You can hear MLK speech and say wow it sounds like he's speaking to young kids today but a lot of the millennial's and young people are not making the connection," Ali said.

She believes a way to help them it to make a connection is through understanding them better. 

Ali said change begins at home.

"Start with yourself and branch out from there, because we're all connected, and that house becomes a street, that street becomes a city, that city is a state and on and on and the impact we have starts in the home," Ali said. "So live the real truth that you're trying to tell people to live. Be that person."

Ali said she grew up watching her father in the ring and seeing how he treated others. She said she is who she is today because of the lessons she learned from him  

"My father taught me you are no better. Just like I didn't want a group raised better than me, you are no better than anybody either. So, he taught that from both ends," Ali said. "You know, yes you're an Ali, yes you've seen this, you've experienced that but you're not better than the poorest man on the street with no money...you're no better than him."

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