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Discover Oklahoma: Smokin' Joe's Barbecue

DAVIS, OK- Oklahoma is certainly known for its many outstanding barbecue restaurants. This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out about one that became so popular, they had to expand the business.

“I’ve heard it for years, you have to try Smokin Joe’s Barbecue– folks are driving from all over the state and any place that says ‘I like pig butts’- it’s gotta be some good stuff. We’re going inside to check it out.”

As soon as you hit the door, you smell the Smokin Joe’s family tradition of slow-cooked, Oklahoma barbecue at its best.

 “We didn’t know what we were getting into when we started this.”

That’s Coby Wells, one of the owners.

He and his dad and mom and wife and sisters and the whole family started Smokin’ Joe’s about ten years ago in a gas station.  And from there, they grew and grew-- adding the RV park.

Right off I-35, they’ve become an Oklahoma destination.

“They travel far and wide to get to us it seems like.”

Just while we were there, we met folks who traveled from Altus, Oklahoma City, and even a couple on an anniversary trip.

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