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Duncan student chosen for state's Superintendent Student Advisory Council.

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan junior is among 67 high school students across Oklahoma chose to attend the State's Superintendent Student Advisory Council's first meeting of the year.

This is only the second year for the council's meeting with State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister. The students selected will go over the largest problems Oklahoma schools are facing  and possible solutions.

Grant Braught, is a Junior at Duncan high school and is thrilled he gets the chance to share his voice and help better Oklahoma education.

"It makes me feel pretty excited that we could actually take a chance to like make our own education what we want to learn and how we want to learn, and we can make it better for ourselves." 

It's no secret Oklahoma Public Schools have suffered due to state budget cuts. State school Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says public schools need an additional $221 million the upcoming fiscal year, despite a nearly $870 million shortfall in next year's state budget.

After doing research and learning more in school about the issues in our state, Braught has been brainstorming ideas he will present to the Superintendent throughout the semester.

"We maybe could consolidate the administration and keep the board of educations for locality, but like the Superintendents, if we consolidated those administrative needs then we could save a bunch of money since Superintendents get a pretty good salary."

Along with being on the District and now State Superintendent Student Advisory Councils, he is also the kicker for the football team. He plans on attending an Ivy league school when he graduates, and isn't ruling out the possibility of working for the state in the future. 

"Hopefully I can discuss my point and hopefully meet some people that want to help change for the better in the state."

Braught along with the other students selected will meet Thursday for their first meeting of the year at the capital in Oklahoma City.

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