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Vehicle break-in caught on camera, Park Grove Drive

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton Police are investigating a break-in that happened on Park Grove Drive January 13th.

Authorities say while vehicle break-ins are not on the rise they are not going down either which raises concern.

Michael and Crystal Warpinski were the victims of the on-camera crime where they lost some of their valuables hidden out of plain sight.

"Everything was rummaged,” said Warpinski. “The gloves consoles were open so he definitely was trying to get something."

Unfortunately, their cars were unlocked making an easy target for the suspect.

Sergeant Timothy Jenkins of the Lawton Police department says leaving a car unlocked is one of the worst opportunities owners can give a thief.

“They don't have to break the window,” said Jenkins. “They can just open the door, take what they want and leave."

Jenkins said this is a common issue amongst many drivers, especially in residential areas.

“People get comfortable and then they forget to lock their door when they get in the house,” said Jenkins. “They forget to put their purse up or take it out of the car with them. They get a little bit comfortable so, whenever somebody walks by a burglar or something they see that and its easy access."

Warpinski said while he regrets leaving the car doors unlocked it's unfortunate he can't feel safe even at his own home.

"It's just uncomfortable,” said Warpinski. “Knowing that people are lurking around all hours of the night and rummaging through peoples’ cars and coming up almost to the front door."

Jenkins said tackling this city-wide crime doesn't stop at just locking your doors at home but also helping those throughout your neighborhood.

"Keep a watchful eye out for your neighbors and their property as well,” said Jenkins. “Some people don't have lights; some are older and they forget to do those things. So, if you see a dome light on someone’s car, go contact them and say your door is unlocked you may want to lock it.”

Jenkins advised people to take down any details if they see anything suspicious and share it with Lawton Police Department at 

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