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Elgin native attends inauguration and local veterans watch

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- While most of us watched the festivities today on television, there were some locals who were part of today's crowd on Capitol Hill, including a college student from Elgin.

Madison Richards is a political science student at the University of Oklahoma and got the tickets from congressman Tom Cole.
She said she and her friends made it a goal to attend the inauguration and be a part of the experience and history.

"Oh it crazy! Years from now I can tell my grandchildren about this experience", said Richards.

We spoke to Madison by phone just a few minutes before the parade started as she was getting in position to watch the festivity's.
She described the atmosphere as loud and chaotic. 

"Well there is a lot of people here and there is a lot of security, there is security everywhere . I haven't seen that many protesters yet but I'm also in ticketed area so I fee like they are more outside the ticketed area. But there is a lot of security , a lot of people a lot of people in favor and non-favor of Trump so a lot of diversity", said Richards.

While Madison was soaking in the experience in person, veterans at The Veterans Center on Flower Mound Road joined millions worldwide watching it on TV.  They said it was blessing to watch Trump being sworn into office. Veteran Daniel Tucker said it was especially satisfying to see President Obama,  Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush at the ceremony.

"What an amazing collection of leaders that none of which agreed politically but all agreed to be apart of this transition in power. I am so pleased to be a resident in a country where we can transition power" said Tucker.

Tucker said he also had a personal connection to today's inauguration. 

"I've got a grandson up there who is in the Army and is a part of a color guard team and I'm very proud of him but this ceremony that we are going through has a lot of tradition to it what we see the waving of the flag order of who shows up next is steeped in our nations 200 plus years history", said Tucker.

As for what he expects from President Trump now that he's formally in office, Tucker said he simply hopes that Trump will try to unite the country moving forward.

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