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Duncan Regional Hospital leases Jefferson County Hospital in February

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WAURIKA,OK (KSWO)- On February 1st changes will be made to Jefferson County Hospital in Waurika.

Duncan Regional Hospital agreed to lease the building from the Jefferson County Healthcare Authority and will take responsibility of the day-to-day operations.

They will also operate three of the Hospital's clinics in rural areas of the county--in Waurika, Ryan, and Ringling.

Duncan Regional Hospital said there was a financial need at Jefferson County Hospital. The new lease will allow Jefferson County Hospital to clear their debt.


President and CEO of Duncan Regional Hospital, Jay Johnson said it has been a trend for those in Jefferson County to come to Duncan in need of many of their services.

He believes the collaboration will create long-lasting improvements.

“The relationships and the logic of the citizens made a lot of sense for us to do this together,” said Johnson. “I think we will be able to create a broader and better system of care for everyone in the two-county area by doing this."

Flo Stuckert worked as a registered nurse for Duncan Regional hospital for 27 years before deciding to retire, but she's continued to serve at the hospital as a volunteer.

She said the improvement in line for Jefferson County made her briefly considering coming out of retirement.

"New programming especially bringing it to a rural area that really does not have it these type of services is really very exciting,” said
Stuckert. “I kind of wish I was part of that again."

Johnson said the goal is not only to provide consistent care for those patients in Jefferson County but also further refine the staff and equipment by having employees of Duncan Regional hospital train those at Jefferson County.

"There's a lot of opportunities to mimic some of what we do here so that staffing that works here will be just as comfortable and just as trained to work there,” said Johnson. “So we'll be working to bring their equipment up to the same type of equipment we have.”

Those employees at Jefferson County have all been offered positions to continue to work.

Johnson said the new developments will allow Duncan Regional Hospital to get even closer to the Jefferson County community.

“This is broadening our thought process,” said Johnson. “We want to consider those in Jefferson county just like we think of those in Stephens county. What kind of services are needed down there, can we provide for them and how do we make this a situation where really everyone wins?”

Johnson says Duncan Regional Hospital will also make some renovations to Jefferson County Hospital existing building however, those changes will not take place for another year.

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