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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work event honors Martin Luther King Jr.

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day the ‘Teamwork Makes the Dream Work' annual event focused on teaching students the advantages of S.T.E.M. academics and astrophysics from professionals in those fields.

Cameron University’s Black Student Association gave students the opportunity to interview professionals face-to-face as well as hear from various guest speakers such as; retired pilots, educators, and aspiring college students throughout the community.

The program started with a preview of the Hidden Figures movie based on the story of African-American women like Katherine Johnson who first worked at NASA.

Director of the event Kimberley Jones said Johnson's story is what sparked the theme of the event this year.

"Kids you can do this,” said Jones. “This lady did it back in the 50s and 60s and she made an impact on the country. So we are trying to let them know that they can do the same thing as well."

Inspirational speakers like Cameron Green, a junior at the University of Oklahoma, who recently received his pilot license, encouraged the youth to not only follow in his footsteps but those of Martin Luther King Jr.

GREEN" I figured you know I wish I had someone who was a pilot to help me out along the way so I came down to hopefully do the same for students so I came and spoke to them to hopefully give them some guidance."

Jones said her hope is the students retained the advice given to them and that they will continue to follow their slogan year round to 'dream their possibilities.'

"We need to have programs that are designed to help our kids succeed,” said Jones. “This is our third year and I think each year we are getting more and more students to attend the program. So, I definitely think it’s a community program that's going to be around for a while."

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