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Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church bridges the gap between music and brotherhood

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Music brought people together January 22nd at the Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in their All Male Music Fest.

The event was themed "Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord". Twelve men's choruses from around Lawton participated

Lead Pastor of Mount Calvary says the purpose of today's event was to create unity with the youth and brotherhoods of different churches through gospel music.

12-year-old Jaden Pierce has been playing the piano for 7 years.

When he's not playing for his church Union Baptist, he says he enjoys lending a helping hand to Mount Calvary and fellowship with other young men like himself.


"It's just us, like, we can just show, ourselves, the men,” said Jaden. “You know to have fun."

Mt. Calvary senior pastor Namon Melvin said events like today are tailored for youth like Jaden.

"Hopefully someone will see that they need a mentor,” said Melvin. “The men are available to mentor. This is a time that we can get together and work together and have a mentorship program in the community."

Mount Calvary Brotherhood President Norman Andrew said the all-male music fest not only allowed them to come together in worship but also reach out to young men in the community that love music and but may not attend church.


"If you look at the churches today there's not a lot of young people in a lot of our churches,” said Andrew. “So, I think that for us to get more young people involved, young men specifically, we've got to set the example of what Christianity and brotherhood are all about."

Jaden said the Mount Calvary brotherhood and members in the church helped provide him with the tools to become a pianist.

He sends a message to other young men in Lawton.

"I encourage them to participate,” said Jaden. Learn, always learn.”


If you would like more information on events at Mount Calvary Baptist church, you visit them on Facebook.

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