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Fire destroys Tuff Birds Fitness Center

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FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) -A fire destroyed a fitness center in Frederick this past weekend, and now the owner is doing what she can to keep the business going, while trying to salvage what's left. 

The fire broke out around 6:30 Saturday morning.  The fire department said there was considerable damage both inside and outside the building on West Gladstone Avenue but they have not yet declared it a total loss. 
The owner of the business, called Tuff Birds, opened the center just a little more than a year ago, after moving here from Florida.

The fire destroyed about $2,000 dollars worth of equipment. An elliptical machine was melted and destroyed along with weights, medicine balls, and work-out mats.

The owner Angela Kay said she does have insurance, so it will be a few days before she knows exactly what it will cover, and then she can begin the process of figuring out what to do next.  

 "I'm sad, heartbroken..I just want to sit down and cry and I thought I was going to be able to cry for a minute and I couldn't and I thought you know what I have to keep going because if I don't it beat me...I've been through too much to let this stop me now", said Kay.

Early Saturday morning, Angela Kay got a call.

 "I was sound asleep and I kept thinking that the ringing of the phone was an alarm and I was thinking surely I didn't set my alarm this early, looked at the phone and it said the Sheriff department and my heart dropped and she very calmly said your building is on fire", said Kay.

Kay started calling family members and went to the fitness center, where she saw the fire had wiped out 3 years worth of work and investment to get everything she needed to start Tuff Birds.

"I started the business with a little set of Walmart weights and a big ball and from there I hit Amazon, sales where ever I could find stuff to where I had 25-pound weights and 10-pound plates", said Kay.

But Kay said she wants to keep her business as a trainer alive, even without a building, and hopes her clients can help her replace her equipment with some homemade options.

"I'm asking everyone to save water jugs, milk jugs and water bottles. I can fill them up concrete, sand, frozen water and we can use those as weights. That way I can still go to my class houses and or they can come to my house, and that way we can just keep going", said Kay.

Since the fire, Kay has already had a client donate a brand new elliptical. She said the love and support she has received has been a blessing. 

"It's been amazing support, people have called and said they were praying, offered to clean up which I may still take them up on so this is an amazing community I will say that amazing community", said Kay.

Tuesday morning, Angela will host a free workout to in an effort to replace some of the equipment she lost during the fire. 
She's asking for people to bring any new or used gear--as well as those empty milk and water jugs.
It will start at 6:00a.m. at the Bancfirst Parking Lot in Frederick.  She's calling it "Fireproof".

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