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Meteorologist & Firefighter Matt DiPirro discusses the high fire danger

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A record-setting day for Comanche county, with temperatures well into the 70's and that comes a red flag warning for much of the state.

Fire stations all across our state were on high alert today, just in case. That's because strong winds and dry conditions are creating the perfect combination for fires to start and quickly get out of hand.

We spoke with volunteer firefighter Matt DiPirro for more on this and he tells us just how quickly an ember can turn into much more:

“Days like today you have to be very careful because of the winds and how dry it is it can just spread so quickly. In fact, the Oklahoma forestry service has indicated that today fires can spread up to in the worst cases 300 feet in one minute,” said DiPirro with Valley View Fire Department.

Some of the things DiPirro says you can do to prevent fires is to not have any controlled burns, don't throw cigarette butts out the window, and to use caution with outside tools and farming equipment.  And, of course, have a fire extinguisher and or water nearby just in case.

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