Duncan family takes cleaning products to Shark Tank

Duncan family takes cleaning products to Shark Tank

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan family looking to grow their business has high hopes of taking their product onto ABC's hit show "Shark Tank".

Shabby Chick Smart Clean makes cleaning products, lotions, insect repellants and laundry soaps that are all 100% natural and hand crafted. Last week, the owners traveled to Dallas for an audition to appear on the show. If you haven't seen the program, entrepreneurs make a pitch to a panel of celebrity business professionals to convince them to invest in their companies.

They say waited for several hours just so they could spend 60 seconds to pitch their ideas to a casting director.  They said they think it went great and they have high hopes for the futures and that they will find out if they made the show in about a month.

They showed 7NEWS the demonstration they gave to Shark Tank, which included spraying their cleaners into their mouths to show how safe they are. The demonstration also showed how quickly and effectively the product can remove stains like lipstick, makeup, sharpie and, with a little baking soda, even dried nail polish. But that cleaning product is just one of the few 100% natural products they offer.

"We hand craft all the base soaps, hands craft all the organic ethanol, even make our own washing powder where we make our own baking soda," said CEO and founder of Shabby Chick Smart Clean Amber Malcom. "So, everything that can go into there we try to make ourselves. And we are certified all natural, we had an independent company come in and audit all of our products and talk to all of those who send us all of our products so we are certified 100% natural."

Malcom said the company was created two years ago simply because she didn't think cleaning supplies she bought at the store were getting the job done.

"My husband would steal my bottles and go clean and finally said you need to sell this stuff and I said I'm not selling soap, I have a doctorate degree."

Malcom said they then began taking their products to the farmers market with them to sell and, when they became popular, her husband quit his job and they began traveling to trade and craft shows around the country to sell their product. They say they struggle to keep the product on the shelves, as they sell them at those shows, at stores in Lawton and Duncan, at a few stores in the Oklahoma City metro area and even at a few stores in Arkansas and Texas. They expect to do more than $350,000 in sales this year, so they're looking for Shark Tank to help them accomplish their goal of being a household name.

"We're going big. We've had investors already come and talk to us and say how big do you want to grow this and I said I want to replace Tide. So, we're going to go as big as we can go," Malcom said.

With the growth comes jobs in the Duncan area. Malcom said they plan on hiring 30 to 50 people in the next two to four years. Those jobs would mainly be in manufacturing, filling and preparing the products, and sales, both in the office and by traveling to different craft shows around the country.

"That's what we told the Shark Tank producer is we love Duncan and want to give back to the community and want to stay here and we are really excited about putting jobs back in, that's one of our main focuses," Malcom said.

Malcom said if they don't make Shark Tank, they will be able to let everyone know, but if they do make the show, they must keep it a secret. She said no news is good news, meaning if in about a month you don't see anything about them not making it, they probably made the show.

All of the products cost $12 each or are 2 for $20, except for the laundry detergent, which is $20 but washes at least 70 loads. You can find a full list of products and where to buy them here.

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