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Elgin students talk about attending inauguration

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ELGIN, OK (KSWO) - A group of students from Elgin Middle School who went to the President Donald Trump's inauguration last Friday in Washington D.C. is sharing their exciting experience. 

19 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders along with four sponsors made the trip and just got back on Sunday.
The students who went said it was exciting and a once in a lifetime experience that they'll never forget.

"It was cool hearing Donald Trump’s voice," Andrew West said.

"It was pretty neat because there were five presidents there and then Trump getting sworn in was pretty cool because you got to hear all the music with everybody coming in," Hayden Evon said.

For them to experience that moment and this historical event they had to be up before sunrise.

"It was kinda exciting to get up early because normally you don't get up at three o'clock in the morning but to go to the inauguration it was kinda exciting to do that," Jessica Diley said.

Once the group was ready, the students and sponsors took the metro, then walked several blocks to the National Mall before waiting in line to get through security. 

"We didn't get into our spot until like seven and it was already busy," West recalled.

"Walking into the grass fields and staying there for like four hours until the president comes out to get sworn in," Charles Carter said.

Even though the students waited in the rain for the inauguration to begin, it gave them a chance to mingle with others from across the country. Others like themselves, who chose to experience a piece of American history.

Melissa Evon, one of the sponsors on the trip says it's important for students, and all citizens to be a part of events like these. 

"What we try to teach to our kids every day is the importance of active citizenship, of being at what you can be at experiencing, what you can experience, and being involved, and knowing what's going on. So, to have these kids at the inauguration, to hear that inaugural speech, I think that's just an incredible experience for them."

During their week-long visit to Washington D.C., the students visited several national monuments and museums. They also placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

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