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Lawton man to receive humanitarian award

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A former NFL player and current Lawton resident is being honored this weekend by his alma mater for the work he does in our community.

Ervin Randle played football for Baylor back in the 1980's before having an 8-year-career in the NFL. Randle is from the small town of Hearne, Texas, which is North of Houston. He says after his retirement from the NFL he decided to get into the car dealership business. He says he worked his way up in the industry until about a year and a half ago when he could buy Classic Chevrolet in Lawton.

"We said we're going to live here, be a part of the community, grow with the community and help make some changes here in Lawton, not just talk about it. We're going to get off the sideline and get into the game,” Randle said.

Now, because of the work he has done for others while living in Lawton, Baylor is honoring Randle with The Abner V. McCall Humanitarian Award, named after the man who served as Baylor's president from 1961-1981.

The award is described as given to someone who "exhibits a Christian response to those situations and persons around them". Randle has organized several fundraisers in the area, with elementary students, the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Southwest Oklahoma, the Comanche County Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Lawton Food Bank being just a few of the local organizations that Ervin Randle's fundraisers have helped.

"Honestly, he approached me and said tell me about what you do and how can we help you,” said Jeri Mosiman, the Executive Director of the Lawton Food Bank. “It just doesn't get any better than that. His leadership is outstanding, he already has made such a huge impact in our community, his whole family is great."

Randle said he wants to do everything he can to make the Lawton community better, starting with our youngest members.

"Most kids don't get to choose where they're born, what they're born into, what family, what situation,” Randle said. “When I see the fact that you can make a kid smile by changing something in his life and giving him a better thing, or a better opportunity or a better chance to see an event that normally some kid that doesn't have enough money to buy that or see this event. Then that's what the difference is."

He said the first step in making Lawton better is keeping those kids here after they graduate high school.

"One of the things I fight against is when I talk to people and I say, what do you want to do, kids what do you want to do when you grow up? I want to get out of here,” Randle said. “I'm thinking we have to keep them here. Because if we can keep the younger kids here, then they're going to grow up to be the citizens that we teach them right, we educate them, show them and they'll be the people that run this city one day."

Randle received several awards in his playing days but says receiving this one means more than any he received in the past.

"I'm really going to be proud to receive that award and I know that I'm going to represent Lawton - Fort Sill in picking up that award because a lot of it is just that this is my community and we're giving back to my community,” Randle said.

Randle will receive that award Saturday but in the meantime, he is still working in the community. Right now, he's working on giving 40 tickets to the upcoming Harlem Globetrotters game to our local boys and girls club.

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