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Comanche County man invents "Bale Buster"

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COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)– A Comanche County welder is going above and beyond by inventing a machine that helps fire departments bust up hay bales caught on fire,making the blaze easier to put out. It's call the "Bale Buster".

Before the Bale Buster, the county would help the fire department with round bale fires by using road graders and dozers to bust up the bales.
However, that method would cause wear and tear on the equipment and put the operator in danger. The inventor of the Bale Buster said the new machine will actually protect the operator by keeping him or her farther away from the blaze. 

It took Marty Watley about 4 days to have the Bale Buster attached to a loader and up and running. 
He said it was all a team effort. He and several others at the county barn thought of the idea earlier this month after battling a hay bale fire.
He said he is just happy he can be a help to those in the county as well as local fire departments.

"I'm a welder, fabricator, truck driver, operator just do a little bit of everything," said Watley.

He is most recently the inventor of Comanche County's first ever Bale Buster. 

Watley has been welding for 40 years and drew up his creation just last week. The Bale Buster wouldn't be possible without a loader and about $1,700  worth of materials, such as steel plates and teeth that roll and grab the bale, while breaking it up.The Bale Buster only takes 5 minutes to set up 

"You just slide the bucket into the bottom of it, fold the two arms over and pin it. Get in it, load her and start it up and take off," said Watley.

Watley said hay bales will normally burn for about 2 to 3 days if they are not broken up and scattered. This job is not only challenging for firefighters.  It takes a toll on the graders and dozers.

 "I know it costs as far as maintenance on our machines and stuff. We have to change filters and do things every time we take them to the fire. You can actually burn tires or hydraulic lines by getting close to the fire, so this way you can keep the man and the equipment away from the fire, so it should save a lot of money too," said Watley.

Watley said several people have asked him if he will patent his invention, but he has other plans for now.

"No, I'm not into all that. Hopefully, I can help the firefighters and our county guys and people and make it more efficient when they do have these round bale fires," said Watley.

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