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On-campus housing prices rising at Cameron

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The cost of housing is going up next year for Cameron students who live on campus.

Students will be paying $175 more per semester beginning next year if they want to live at either the Cameron Village apartments or the Shepler Center. The extra money will be used for maintenance and repairs on the two housing centers, though students will also receive several added benefits in return for the increased rates.

Students will be getting $125 more in flex-cash each semester, which they can use to buy food as part of their meal plans. There will also be big changes to parking and laundry, with both services now being completely free.

The increase in rates was ultimately made to make life better for the students.

"The buildings are aging, Shepler Center was opened in 1968, Cameron Village was opened in 2005, and so there's ongoing maintenance for both those buildings to keep them in a condition where the residents want them to be, how they want to live there,” said Vice President for Business and Finance at Cameron University Ninette Carter.

Carter said they didn't want to simply charge the students more without giving them anything in return, hence the 125 flex-dollars added to their meal plans.

"They have choices from Pizza Hut, to a sandwich shop, a grill, a coffee shop. Those flex dollars are very popular with the students,” Carter said.

They also wanted to address two very important student issues, parking and laundry.

"We have designated parking for on-campus students, if they park in that designated parking they will not have to pay for their parking permit. Plus, next year we'll have a new vendor and the students will have unlimited use of the laundry facilities at no cost for them,” Carter said.

Schools increasing rates is a hot topic due to huge state-wide budget cuts to education, but Carter says this housing cost increase has absolutely nothing to do with that.

"Housing is self-supporting, the money we receive from the state does not go toward housing so we have to come up with the money from the rents we receive from the students and some maintenance budgets that we have,” Carter said.

Carter said she understands that no one wants to see a rate increase but she hopes the students will see all the things they are gaining with the increase, rather than just the price. 

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