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Discover Oklahoma: Jones Southern Oklahoma Pheasant and Quail Hunting

ARDMORE, OK - The great Oklahoma outdoors offers all kinds of adventures including, of course, hunting and fishing. In a preview of a story you can see this weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out about a place in Ardmore where you can enjoy a fun pheasant hunting experience.

Meet Alan Jones, a man who just might be living every hunter's dream. He owns Jones Southern Oklahoma Pheasant and Quail Hunting in Ardmore. So, basically, his job is to go hunting.

“What we provide is a unique kind of hunting operation for people. A lot of people go all the way to Kansas, South Dakota to hunt pheasants which, they are not native right here where we are and a lot of people we target are people who are so busy they get a chance to hunt once or twice a year and a lot of them live in cities and they don’t have their own dogs, which we can provide all that.”

On this chilly morning, Alan took us on a mother-daughter hunt. First things first, safety and a refresher course with the shot gun.

“Safety is number one concern here with us, you can’t take back a mistake with a shot gun.” Alan can provide the lesson, the orange safety vests, he even has a five-stand sporting clay set up. “We can take them and let them practice before we ever go out on the field. We always always give a good safety briefing and I instruct them on exactly how to do everything. And I’ve had a lot of first time people come here and they really enjoyed it.”


You can see the rest of that story, plus see how the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s permanent collection is inspiring a new approach; and get the details on two amazing restaurants in Edmond and McAlester. All that and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!

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