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City finds new water source

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -New information on the City of Lawton's search for new sources of water.Last fall, they began drilling test wells throughout the city to see how much water was available,  and if the quality of the water was good enough for consumption. Now the results are in.

Most of the city's water supply comes from Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth, but just in case the city has another dry spell or drought, these wells will be a backup plan. Water and Wastewater director Afsaneh Jabbar said they've located five wells that would produce about 7 million additional gallons of water a day.

The next step is to covert those test holes into a production well and get that water into the city's treatment plants.  That will also require some modification because ground water has contaminants that are different from those in the reservoirs.

“We already have some treatment plant that has treatment capability inside but not specially for the pollutants that are present with our groundwater. However because we have filters, we have a water tank and a pump station that can pump the water into distribution this is a suitable side to add some treatment to it and then bring the water here and send it off," said Jabbar.

Jabbar said they are still researching the exact methods needed for treatment, but estimated the total cost to bring all five wells online at around 60-million dollars, which would covered by tax money that was approved by voters in a recent election.  Jabbar said it's a necessary investment in the city's growth. 

 “So as the population increases and more industries come to town our dependence on reliable water increases because we cannot risk it to have such low to it to be so low in our supply because whenever you oppose conservation to your customer then they don’t enjoy the life as they would if they had conservation. So our goal is to have the system up and running that it is so reliable that we won’t have to put an extreme conservation in place," said Jabbar.

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