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Strong stench invades Southwest Lawton neighborhood leaving residents concerned

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Residents in the southwest part of town are trying to find out what's causing their neighborhood to have an overwhelming stench. 

The smell is mostly affecting those around the Eisenhower Village Subdivision. Residents said they first noticed the sewer-like smell a couple of weeks ago. They've contacted city officials for help in finding the source. While the Water and Wastewater Department collected samples  they didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Now, those living nearby are getting frustrated, and are eager to breathe fresh air once again.

 "I have heard people describe it as rotten eggs, or rotten onions. It just smells pretty much like rotten sewage to me," said Gates

Ashley Gates has been a resident of  Eisenhower Village since 2001. Gates said she first noticed the smell two weeks ago and it was unbearable.

"There has been times just relaxing in the evenings watching tv playing with the kids its an odor so foul that we have actually left and gone and stayed with my in-laws before because it was so strong and the fear of not knowing what it is so you cant get away from it," said Gates.

President of the Eisenhower Village Association Egbert Williams has lived in the neighborhood for 27 years. He said over time odors have come and gone but nothing like this.  He said his primary concern is the safety of the families.

"Its a community, we are people doing things, people walking around so the best thing to do is to get to the source," said Williams.

After Gates reached out to the city this month, they sent out crews to deodorize the sewer lines and collect water samples. The results determined everything was clean.

Water and Wastewater director Afsaneah Jabbar said the next step is to see if the smell is coming from Republic Paperboard, or the Goodyear Plant, which are less than two miles west of the neighborhood.

 "What we have planned to do here on is to go to each industrial facility and go through the process . We have already looked at their applications documents and we have a good idea as who what type of chemicals at their plant so what we will be doing through the process is finding out if they have an in control system that might not be functioning as well as it normally does, otherwise it will take a while to find out what it comes from if it not related to those control technologies that they have in place," said Jabbar.

Jabbar said the process will take about two days and they will be evaluating each company to see if there is anything out of the norm.

Overall, residents in the Eisenhower Village just want the smell identified and eliminated, and are glad the city is helping them with this problem.

 "I have faith that they are going to continue to stay on top of it and get the answers hopefully just sooner rather than later," said Gates.

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