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Key witness testifies in Lawton murder trial

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Tuesday, the lone witness to the 2015 murder of a Lawton resident testified in the trial of the man accused of killing him.

Roy White, Jr. is charged with first-degree murder for the shooting death of Donald Brewer, Jr. Brewer's body was found at a Lawton motel.
Tuesday, White's trial began with testimony from Frank Crowley, who says he saw the entire thing.

Crowley said he was at the motel with Donald Brewer when White showed up, claiming Brewer owed him money. That's when a fight started between the two and Crowley says White pulled out a revolver then said “they didn't tell you I was a killer" and fired the gun at Brewer.

Crowley said after the first shot, Brewer ran to the bathroom, because White was blocking the front door. White followed and kept firing, shooting 7 shots, until the revolver was empty. Crowley said White then ran from the scene which is when Crowley left to find help.

He ran across the street to another motel where several officers were responding to a different call.  When police ran to Crowley's motel room, they found Brewer dead in the bathroom.

Crowley said he told police White committed the crime and told them he was wearing dark pants and a red hoodie and had used a black revolver.

A detective on the case also testified today, saying he was on his way to the scene when he saw a black man walking near the motel in dark pants and a white tank top. He said he thought it was odd he was wearing only a tank top in December on a cold day. After arriving at the hotel and getting a description of White he says he went back out to try and find the man he saw.

He ultimately found him, but when he approached the man, he ran and jumped a fence into someone's backyard. The detective said he eventually caught and arrested him--it later turned out to be Roy White, Jr.

The detective said after a search of the area, he found a black bag and a gray hoodie about a block from the crime scene. He said it appeared to have what looked and smelled like marijuana in it so he left the bag where it was and immediately radioed in.

A crime scene investigator showed up, took pictures of the bag and searched it. Inside the bag was marijuana, but also a black revolver that had been fired 7 times and still had the spent shell casings in it.

The detective also testified that White admitted to being at the motel, first saying he was in the parking lot.  Then he changed his story and said he was at Crowley's door, but ran when he heard gun shots. He told detectives that he had run from the police because that is what he had always been taught to do.

Investigators with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are expected to testify tomorrow about the results of the tests done on the gun and hoodie.

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