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Busy Fletcher road gets facelift

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FLETCHER, OK (KSWO) - With a combined effort from city, county and Comanche Tribe officials, a busy road in Fletcher that was in bad shape and deteriorating is now repaired, leaving area residents and drivers relieved.

The road starts on West North Drive and stretches 1.3 miles to Northeast 135th Street.

T&G Construction Company started the repairs at the beginning of December and completed them in about 60 days.

Thursday, the Comanche Nation Department of Transportation, The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the County Commissioners office all gathered at the road to inspect it, making sure everything was running smoothly.

Residents complained to officials that the road was falling apart with potholes and bumps causing damages to their cars and slowing down traffic to and from work.

Eddie Clark lives in Fletcher and drives down West North Drive to get to work everyday. Clark said before the street was repaired it caused headaches for him and his family.

"It is 35 miles per hour is what the speed limit is but you didn't drive that, you stayed around 25 or so. It was lots of ruts and holes it was just hard to drive everyday. My whole family drives it from daughters to grandkids so its a huge, huge improvement for the town and county," said Clark.

The nearly $250,000 project was funded through the Federal Highway Administration. Comanche Nation Director for the Department of Transportation Adrian Tehauno said with the help from Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Comanche County commissioners office giving the road a face lift was a top priority.

"We worked together getting the paperwork together and getting crews out here to do this and its a benefit to the general public as well as tribal members," said Tehauno.

In the past Comanche County road crews patched up the road to get by but, the road road just kept falling apart.

"It was just so rough people were knocking their cars out of alignment and blowing tires out it was that rough," said Tehauno.

T&G Construction Company started the repairs at the beginning of December and completed the project in about eight weeks. The 22 foot wide road has a  reflectors on the rail road sign and the lines on the street have special reflective markings, improving visibility for drivers.

When officials came out for today's inspection they were happy with the results. District 1 County Commissioner Gail Turner said these improvements bring several benefits.

"It is a great project that makes it a lot safer for not just the city people in Fletcher but there is a lot of people that use this road going in and out to the highway and accessibility so its a lot smoother and a lot safer," said Turner.

18-wheeler drivers who work at the Georgia Pacific asphalt plant are prohibited from traveling on the newly repaired road because that's what caused some of the damage before the repairs. If caught they will have to pay a fine.

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