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Lawton man found guilty of murder

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A guilty verdict for a Lawton man, accused of first-degree murder.

The jury deliberated for about an hour-and-a-half before convicting Roy White Jr. for the shooting death of Donald Brewer Jr. in 2015.

The trial lasted three days and during that time, jurors heard testimony from an eyewitness who said he saw White shoot Brewer inside a motel room in Lawton during an argument over money.  The state also presented testimony from Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents regarding the murder weapon and other physical evidence that tied White to the crime. 

Thursday, the medical examiner walked through photos of the crime scene and testified that Brewer was shot four times, including shots to the head, back and side. The medical examiner testified that the shots to the side and back were ultimately the cause of death.

Then, both the state and defense delivered their closing arguments to the jury. White's attorney focused heavily on the state's burden of proof and stated that the prosecution did not conclusively prove his guilt. She also questioned the credibility of the state's eyewitness, Frank Crowley, focusing on inconsistencies in his testimony. She then walked the jury through every witness’s testimony, focusing on areas that she thought they had made mistakes in either their investigation or testing.

The prosecutor also addressed those inconsistencies, but emphasized the parts of Crowley's testimony that matched the physical evidence in the case. He told the jury he was not trying to build up the character of Crowley, who is a convicted felon, saying that he didn’t think Crowley was a good person. But he said not liking Crowley should not factor into whether they think White did it.

He also stated how unlucky the defendant would have to be for everything that happened in the case to simply be a coincidence that pointed to him as the killer. He asked the jury, if not White, then who had killed Brewer, saying White admitted to being at the motel and that no one else was known to be in the room. He said Crowley had no reason to kill Brewer, citing his testimony where he said he called Brewer nephew and had claimed to have helped save his life twice.

The jury recommended a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. He will be formally sentenced on April 4th.

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