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Little Women of Dallas headline Super Bowl Pep Rally in Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- There's plenty for you to do this Super Bowl weekend starting with a party featuring some reality stars.

Little Women of Dallas will be out at Club Envy tonight. The reality series follows a group of friends who have a physical trait in common, their height. They deal with everyday challenges but continue to prove that "height" is just a number and it doesn't stop them from having normal lives.

Today, we sat down with Bree, Emily and Caylea also known as Left Cheek, Right Cheek, and Lil Twerk. They tell us what being on the show means to them.

"It gives us an opportunity to reach out to people that feel lesser about themselves, especially little people and teens. They see us doing well in the show and it makes them feel like they can accomplish more because we are little people and women. So kids that are in school, they see us and want to be like us,” explained Emily.

Doors open at Club Envy tonight at 10:00 p.m. You'll have a chance to talk with the Little Women of Dallas and have one-on-one time. There will be live performances by Wooda, Sparkdog and Casper. The cover charge is $10.

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