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Fort Sill to open phase one of Health Readiness Center

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - Fort Sill held a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday to mark next week's opening of the Health Readiness Center.  

The first phase of the center, which opens Monday, focuses on preventive care such as regular checkups, learning about nutrition, ways to quit smoking and other things that can be done to help keep you from getting sick.  

Those services had previously been scattered across the post, but they're now bringing them to one site, making it more convenient for soldiers and their families. 

The phase that will open next week is the first of four that will be in what was formerly Reynolds Army Hospital.  At end of 2018, when all four phases are finished, they'll have created a one-stop shop designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle so soldiers will be able to do their jobs in peak physical and mental condition.

"We are trying to proactively get our soldiers healthy and medically fit for duty and deployable but this is not just about keeping the soldier healthy we are focusing on family members as well. We want our families to be healthy,” Deputy Commander for Health Readiness Major Deepa Hariprasad said.

Reynolds Health Clinic Commander Kenny Lemons said the second phase is women's services. They'll help new mothers with postpartum and lactation. They'll also help prepare new mothers, who are also soldiers, go back on duty.

"You got 180 days to get the soldier back, ready and deployable,” Lemons said. “So they'll get their nutrition counseling, they'll get the army wellness center, the bod pod which will measure the body fat and true body fat composition."

Behavioral health and resiliency is the third phase. This includes programs to treat traumatic brain injury, suicide prevention and alcohol and substance abuse.

"Right now we run a lot of the behavioral health support for the installation on about five different buildings on this post. This will give us the ability to co-locate all of these assets," Lemons said.

The last phase, which won't be complete until late 2018, is dental. Because all of these services are in close proximity, health professionals will easily be able to refer patients to other places.

"This is a great tie-in because this is when you really get after health,” Lemons said. “You know, people do not get obese, you know, something has to enter their mouth. So this is the tie in between the dental professionals on getting not only someone coming in for an annual dental exam and evaluation but it's now an ability to do a great evaluation on them to say well you probably need to see nutrition care."

The Readiness Center is located on the second floor of the Reynolds Health Clinic.  It will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m to 4:30 p.m. 

Their services are available by appointment, but they'll also see walk-ins until noon each day.

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