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Duncan Fox Terrier competing at The Westminster Kennel Club

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Toy Fox Terrier in Duncan named "Catcher" is headed back to The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York to compete and hopefully win "Best in Show".

Catcher is only  three years old and has already proven he belongs among the best. Last year he won "Best of Opposite" at Westminster and holds several other trophies for "Best of Breed," and "Best of Group."

He won "Best National Specialty" at competitions in Florida in the last two years and was named the one Toy Fox Terrier in the Country.

This will be his second time at The Westminster Dog Show, but he has competed in tons and tons of shows across the country.

But this will be the first time at the show for Catcher's new handler DeDe Jarvis who said his original handler and owner are both battling cancer.

She knows how much they love showing Catcher so she decided to help out, and hopes to make them proud at the Westminster Show.

"Well I would really really like to win for the both of them, a breed win would be fantastic, a group placement would be out of the world and that would just be wonderful," said Jarvis.

 Jarvis said Catcher has always been number one.

"I mean you get to show a lot of dogs and there is not a lot of recognition in showing them you are just in the ring and out of the ring, but this little guy when you go in the ring with him, I mean you WIN! There is a lot of winning involved with this little guy and it is fun, when you are winning you are having fun," said Jarvis.

Jarvis said Catcher is very tenacious and humble. She said he was born to impress the judges.

"Well there is not a lot of training involved. I mean he is pretty much a natural," said Jarvis.

Catcher will be competing against 10 other Fox Terriers for Best of Breed. If he wins he will go on to compete for "Best in Group" and the biggest one "Best in Show". Jarvis said each dog is judged by its standard on how they look, walk, and show off that wow factor.

"There is no way you can judge this little short haired dog against a long haired fufu dog like a poodle, the poodle would win every time because its cute, but each dog has a standard  and if the poodle doesn't come as close to the standard as this dog then this dog should win and simple as that. If the poodle doesn't have the right angulations, this dog does then this dog is the clear winner and that's the way they are judged," said Jarvis.

In December, Catcher won "Best of Breed" at a dog show in Central Florida. It was also the last competition that his owner Gene Bellamy and handler John Rawley, were healthy enough to attend. Jarvis knows winning it all at Westminster for them is a long shot, but she's hopeful.

"Oh he would...I can't tell you it would mean the world to him, him and his owner. It would mean just the world to him," said Jarvis.

Jarvis and Catcher will compete next week on Monday and Tuesday. If you would like to watch them compete, you can find the information linked here on The Westminster Kennel Club website.

If Catcher wins his group competition on Tuesday,he will go on to compete in "Best in Show", which will air on The National Geographic Channel from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.

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