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Altus Air Force Base Airmen pay visit to local veterans for Valentine's Day

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ALTUS, OK (KSWO)- Tuesday morning was full of laughter and reminiscing as Airmen and civilians from Altus Air Force Base paid a visit to over 30 local veterans.

The annual event, called "Valentines for Vets," has been put on by the Altus base since 1998. The Airmen and civilians went around to three local assisted living facilities in the Altus community delivering hand made Valentine's day cards made by local elementary school students. They also spent time with each veteran sharing stories about their time serving our country.

Simple words such as "thank you for your service and sacrifice" on Valentine's cards lit up the faces of these 8 Veterans at the Tamarack Assisted Living facility.

"I really appreciate it," said Jerry Rochelle, a local veteran. "It's a big deal."

Rochelle served for over 30 years in the Marines and Air Force. He retired after serving the last five of those years at Altus Air Force Base. He says visiting with the young Airmen takes him down memory lane and makes him feel appreciated for the many years he served.

"Going down the same road we went down," said Rochelle. "I think it's great. I enjoy talking to them."

For Paul Kay, who served over three years in the Air Force, he says it was the best part of the day.

"It's great.," said Kay. "To be out here and visit with them. Find out where they've been, where they're from and all about them."

Christian Mason, an Air Traffic Controller at Altus Air Force base has served for over four years now, but is humbled to be in front of these veterans. He says you can learn something from them just by listening and that really goes a long way.

"It's important for us to come out and see and hear from them," said Mason. "It's also important to just let them know that we haven't forgot about what they did even if it has been so many years."

Mason hopes when he's in their shoes and retired, he will experience the same sense of appreciation.

"Seeing that people still care and maybe, hopefully, one day when I'm in that position that there will be other people that will do the same and a cycle that keeps on giving," said Mason.

Kay says he's proud of the men and women serving today.

"Keep up the good work," said Kay. "We appreciate them."

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