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Planned Parenthood Great Plains responds to anti-abortion bill

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OK (KSWO)- An anti-abortion bill, whose author referred to pregnant women as hosts, has cleared its first hurdle toward becoming law. 

The proposal from newly-elected Republican Representative Justin Humphrey would make it illegal for a woman to get an abortion without written consent from the baby's father.
The bill was approved by a House Committee on Tuesday, it now advances to the full Oklahoma House for more debate.

Humphrey said he wanted to ensure that fathers have a role in the process, and in defending the bill, he said women who fail to take precautions to prevent pregnancy were irresponsible, and characterized a pregnant woman's body as the "host" for the unborn child. He is now facing backlash over the term and bill.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains said both the bill and the statement are irresponsible and harmful to women.  

One of the many complaints from Planned Parenthood's Tamya Cox regarding this proposal was that the legislative committee that heard it failed to get input from women during their hearings.

"Specifically today where the only woman on the committee was absent again is irresponsible that this committee full of men made this decision," Cox said.

Representative Justin Humphrey did not respond to our request today for an interview on the controversy, but this is an excerpt of the comment he made last week which has angered many women.

"Your body is your body and be responsible with it. But after you're irresponsible then don't claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you're the host and you invited that in," said Humphrey.

"To degrade women as only as hosts when they are pregnant is irresponsible and very offensive inflammatory language," Cox said.

Cox and other critics said this bill puts an unconstitutional burden on pregnant women to justify their right to an abortion.

"No other area of law are re-requiring competent adults to seek permission and even with abortions, even minors have access to seek abortion without parental consent", Cox said.

Cox called the bill a waste of taxpayer's money, and said while they hope to avoid a long and costly legal battle, they will do whatever it takes to prevent this idea from becoming law.

"Legislators should be focused on fixing our budget not trying to pass unconstitutional bills. So we are hoping that we don't have to get too comfortable, but regardless we will keep every option available to us, open," Cox said.

Even some supporters of the bill admit that it might not stand up to a constitutional challenge.  For now, it advances to the full House for further debate.

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