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OK lawmaker receiving threats after calling pregnant women 'hosts'

Representative Justin Humphrey Representative Justin Humphrey

TULSA, OK — State Representative Justin Humphrey says he has received violent threats since his comment referring to women as ‘hosts’ during pregnancy. The comment came just days ago as Humphrey defended House Bill 1441 in front of a committee. The bill Humphrey authored requires the consent of the father for women to terminate a pregnancy.

“If you look at what we are saying that was never meant to be a bad comment or derogatory toward women. If you look at it is the correct verbiage and so that is what I meant. I expect women to look up the word hosts and see that is the correct verbiage and to see that it is not a derogatory term,” said Humphrey.

The bill has passed committee. However, the title was stricken and will have to be reworked before the bill can become law. His bill gives a father the right to refuse a woman carrying his child an abortion.

“This legislation and his comments are an insult to the women of Oklahoma,” said Ryan Kiesel of the ACLU of Oklahoma, who says establishing paternity would be just one problem. “Would this legislator submit women to being strapped down and having needles inserted into their abdomen to take amniotic fluid so that we could determine in utero paternity? That is absolutely ridiculous."

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