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Lawton elementary bed bug rumors untrue

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Officials with Lawton Public Schools are hoping to ease the minds of concerned parents and dispel any rumors about a bed bug problem.

Several viewers reached out to 7NEWS on Tuesday, saying they heard there were bed bugs at Sullivan Village Elementary.

Wednesday, the school's principal said that is not true and parents have no need to worry.

Sullivan Village Elementary School Principal Brenda Breeze said there were normal bugs found in a kindergarten classroom on Monday, so the school did what it always does and called in someone to spray the classroom. The school also sent a letter home with the kids of that classroom, explaining what happened, which is where officials think the misunderstanding occurred.

Breeze said generally when they find bugs in their building, it's not too much of an issue.

"We periodically have our building sprayed throughout the school year and if we feel like there's a need to have it sprayed again, we call for it,” Breeze said. “For preventative measure and the weather changing we can have it sprayed again. So, this is what we decided to do."

Breeze said they don't know exactly what kind of bugs were found, but they are common and completely harmless. The school sent a note home with their students, which is something they don't normally do, but decided to this time because of the day the incident fell on.

"Yesterday was Valentine's day party and we had parents in the building,” Breeze said. “We moved that classroom into another area and we put all their things into their individual bags and made it easier for them to carry. I wanted that class to know why we had to do that."

Breeze said she is unsure of where the bed bug rumor started.

"I do not know if it may be parents are a little worried because that topic has been in the news quite a bit,” Breeze said.

Breeze said ultimately, parents have nothing to worry about when it comes to bugs at Sullivan Village.

"At Sullivan Village and Lawton Public Schools, we have an open line of communication with the parents. When a problem arises, we take care of it immediately and that's what we did,” Breeze said.

The kindergarten students are still not back in their normal classroom yet, as they could not get it sprayed until Wednesday. They have had class in a different area of the school and are expecting to be back in their classroom Thursday morning.

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