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Lawton Police cadets begin firearm training

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Before police officers can hit the streets to protect and serve, they have to go through training and Wednesday, 17 cadets with the Lawton Police Department did just that as they went to the firing range.

The cadets have only been in training for about three weeks.

Over the next two weeks, the cadets will learn about pistols and shot guns, including the fundamentals of shooting, how to react in various situations, and when to draw your weapon.

Cadets Jesse Alverson and Josuha Foreman said they always knew they wanted to be cops and protect the citizens of Lawton.

"It's a family thing. My dad is a cop on Fort Sill. My mom used to be a deputy," Alverson said.

"Law enforcement has been in my family, my grandfather was FBI for a long time, my dad he just retired here after almost 30 years, my brother has been on for over a year and a half now and that's what I want to do," Foreman said.

Cadets Alverson and Foreman are working alongside with 15 others who may soon go on to be officers for the Lawton Police Department. Alverson and Foreman said they are learning everything about the fundamentals of a firearm.

"Getting your grip right, making sure you are holding it correctly Come out right, make sure all of your moving through the steps correctly, get on target the right," said Alverson.

"Mainly something new that I have learned is different types of breathing, combat breathing when you are going through the steps relaxing. A lot of people are tensed up and it shows on paper but the main thing I have learned is relaxed and breath control," Foreman said.

Sergeant Timothy Jenkins with The Lawton Police Department said while the firearm training will prepare them for real-life situations, safety is their number one goal.

"The whole two weeks that we are out here we are always preaching safety, safety, safety. Presenting your weapon down range, don't point it at anybody thing like that so they are getting it built in and learning more about safety," Jenkins said.

Cadet Alverson said the skills and steps he learns throughout the academy will prepare him for serious situations.

"In the worst case scenario that something does happen that i have to go to my firearm which is always the last thing, I will be able to do it more less without having to think about it it will be muscle memory I will be right there when I need to be,"said Alverson.

Cadet Formean said he looks forward to protecting and serving the citizens of Lawton and joining a brotherhood.

"I will feel more apart of a family an actual close knit family. Rely on people who watch your back. It's hard for people nowadays to have that relationship with somebody but law enforcement is very close knit and you have to rely on that person to watch your back and you have to do the same for them," Foreman said.

Ater the cadets wrap up their two-week training session with firearms, they will begin learning about the laws and citizen's rights. Graduation is set for this summer in June.

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