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School district shuts down to prevent illness

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BRAY, OK (KSWO) - It was an early weekend for one southwest Oklahoma school district as the threat of the flu led officials to shut down Bray-Doyle Public Schools on Friday.

Thursday, the Bray-Doyle Public Schools Facebook page posted about the closing, saying "school will be closed tomorrow, February 17th, to disinfect to try to prevent the spread of the flu virus.”

7NEWS reached out to the Bray-Doyle Public Schools superintendent who was not available to speak. Several employees of Bray-Doyle, including some of the janitorial staff, who were at the school working did speak with 7NEWS and said the closing was simply a preventative measure. They said there are not a lot of students currently who have the flu and they want to keep it that way. So, they went through every building on campus today to disinfect them and ensure no one gets the flu at Bray-Doyle.

There have been cases across Oklahoma this flu season as several different public school districts have been forced to temporarily shut down because so many people were calling in sick, but that is not the case at Bray-Doyle. Going forward, the staffers said they hope the students have nothing to worry about. 

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