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Duncan teacher wins "Teacher of the Year"

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -A local high school math teacher is in awe after being recognized for the impact he's made on the students in the Duncan community.

Sam Holthe teaches algebra, trigonometry and geometry at Duncan High school. He was recently chosen Teacher of the Year out of all the teachers in the Duncan School District. Each teacher votes for who they think deserves the award. Holthe was one of nine finalists and his peers again picked him as the Teacher of the Year. It was announced Thursday during a ceremony at the First Baptist Church in Duncan.

"It's incredible, really," said Holthe.

A passion for education and the hope to change student's lives are just a couple a reasons Sam Holthe stands out as a teacher at Duncan High School. He never imagined winning an award, such as Teacher of the Year for simply doing what he loves.

"Excited and deeply honored and even somewhat a little intimidated because I knew the people that were also candidates and I knew there were a bunch of other people too that could very well have been selected," said Holthe.

Holthe really believes that society is changed at the educational level and that's a big part of why he decided to become a teacher.

"It's really a teamwork effort that we're raising these kids to be productive members of society, so in other words, these kids are us in the future and that's incredibly important," said Holthe.

Making students think on their feet and using real world scenarios is what Holthe believes makes him different. He wants to teach them how they can apply what they learn to the real world.

"To work with a problem and to look at the tools you have to solve it instead of just repeating steps," said Holthe. "I think that's really important for when they get to college and when they get into the work force because they're not going to be set into a situation where they read a book and just do what the book says."

Holthe credits consistent support and learning from other teachers and role models at Duncan High School for making him the teacher he is today. And He says without a doubt, being voted Teacher of the Year will go down as one of the most memorable and touching moments in his career.

"To be recognized by those people who inspire you," said Holthe. "It's a very honorable thing. It's a great honor. I thank everybody for that, it's special."

Holthe will also be a candidate at the state level for the Oklahoma Teacher of the Year award. That winner is chosen out of all the local district selections. It will be announced at the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City in September.

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