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Oklahoma bill to prevent smoking with kids in car one step closer to law

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(Source KSWO) (Source KSWO)

Residents are reacting to a proposed bill that would ban smoking inside cars when children are present.

The legislation would make it illegal for a driver or passenger in a car to smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars if a child under the age of 18 is present in the vehicle. Under the bill, it would be a secondary offense, meaning you would have to be pulled over for another traffic violation first.  
If cited, you would face a $20 dollar fine.

People we spoke with today had mixed reactions to the plan.

"I'm for the bill just because the simple fact that kids don't need to be around second hand smoke," Trayvon said.

 "It is a family and personal decision to regulate your own household. We don't need the federal and state fining us and regulating us for every little thing. To me it's common sense," Allen said.

It's already against the law in Oklahoma for foster parents to smoke in their homes or cars around children.  Both Arkansas and Louisiana have laws against smoking in cars with children.  The bill now advances to the full House for further debate.

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